Instagram and Facebook Social Strategy

This comprehensive social strategy starts with an optimized Instagram bio, and includes 7 days a week brand management on Instagram and Facebook!

    • Brand color scheme often relating back to the brand’s logo will be used throughout the news feed for a consistent feel.
    • Content/copy creation with the use of royalty free stock photography will be posted along with graphics customized to your business that I design.
    • Instagram Story marketing will be strategically created for further post exposure on the platform. 
    • Instagram Highlight designs will be custom made with a color scheme in mind.
    • Responses to all direct messages and comments within a 24 hour window as well as a steady increase of genuine, authentic, local followers, in target market can be expected to help convert these followers to loyal customers.
    • A minimum of 3 creative content posts will be posted per week along with 5 posts per week on Facebook. The Facebook content will be cross-channeled with Instagram creative content along with shared niche information posts to educate clients.
    • Brand reputation management will be performed through monitoring and engaging with conversations on social.

Instagram Engagement

You keep posting your creative content, and let us help you reach more people with it.


    • Instagram Bio Optimization
    • 1 hour daily of engagement (5 days a week) with current and prospective followers
    • Follow accounts in niche target audience
    • Respond to direct messages and comments received if applicable within a 24 hour period
    • Given 2 sets of 30 interchangeable niche hashtags that can be used with your posts to make your Instagram feed more discoverable
  • Package is designed to effectively harness the power of social media to develop brand awareness (followers), build relationships (engagement) and increase overall exposure (traffic).

Blog Post/Article Writing

Don’t have time to blog your creative content or write a well researched and original blog/article for your niche market? Let us do it for you!

We offer a wide scope of writing services, if you have a project in mind-contact us today!

Graphic Design- Email for Quote

    • Logo Design
    • Billboard Design
    • Business Card Design
    • PowerPoint Design
    • Ad Design
    • Newsletter Design
    • Brochure Design
    • Press Releases and more!
  • If you are looking for a specific service not listed or would like a free quote on the above stated services please contact us!